There is a green plastic bowl in a cupboard in our kitchen that never gets used. There are several other bowls that look exactly like it, only different colors, that are used quite frequently for cereal. Why not the green one? It has become a sort of legend in the family. When we first moved to this house in the summer of 1993, my mom bought a bunch of plastic bowls for my brother and I to use, since we had a tendancy to break the glass ones. Our dog had an accident in the house, which wasn't unusual due to his age. My dad has always been the one to clean up after the pets, so off he went. I was sitting at the counter reading a book, when suddenly there was the green bowl, filled with dog doo. Dad had even put a spoon in it. I screamed and ran to my room, my brother laughed, my mom was horrified. And no one has used the green bowl since.