The Best Little Girl in the World
By Steven Levenkron

A review by kaytay

Claimed to be one of the best books written on the subject of Anorexia Nervosa, this book has both positive and negative effects on those who have suffered the disorder on a more personal level. The Best Little Girl in the World was written in the 70s, and plainly states there is no cure for Anorexia. This is no longer true, and victims of the disease should be made aware of this fact.

Both praise and warnings have come from those who have read the book. Most say it is extremely triggering, i.e. it does not do much in the way of discouraging unhealthy behaviors or inspiring the sick to work towards recovery. Many avid fans call Levenkron’s book their Bible, the source they model their lives after. Although this was not the intent of Levenkron when he wrote the book, it is an issue that cannot be ignored.

There is only one reason why The Best Little Girl in the World is triggering; Levenkron has recreated the reader’s life in his book. Reality and fiction become one. Only a person who is well into recovery or is not suffering in the grip of an eating disorder should consider reading the book. But despite the reactions of some, The Best Little Girl in the World is a very worthwhile book, enabling one to get a glimpse into the life of a girl with Anorexia. A lot is explained; the reader learns of the severity of the disorder, the emotional trauma, and the possibility of death that comes with the obsession to become thin.