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SoBe Lean

each SoBe Lean contains: CitriMax- 800mg, ChromeMate- 100mcg, and Carnitine-50mg

CitriMax is an all natural plant extract that helps to suppress the appetite and works to inhibit fat production.

ChromeMate is a patented form of the mineral chromium that helps the body metabolize fat and work to reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol.

Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body produce energy through more efficient utilization of oxygen.

SoBe Essentials

  • Qi - green tea and natural citrus flavors in the green bottle, or protein rich soy and natural citrus flavor in the clear bottle

    • Siberian Ginseng (200 mg) - Increases stamina and improves mental alertness.

    • Damiana (25 mg) - A reputed sexual stimulant that improves overall body function.

    • Reishi Mushroom (25 mg) - Used by the people of the Orient to promote vitality and help lower cholesterol.

    • Suma (100 mg) - The South American version of ginseng. Considered to be an energy tonic and fatigue fighter.

    • Schizandra (100 mg) - A favorite of Chinese Emperors. Thought to be a sexual enhancer that can improve physical performance.

    • Astragalus (100 mg) - Known as a mild stimulant that can help strengthen the immune system.

  • Shen: green tea and natural berry flavors in the green bottle, or protein rich soy and natural peach flavor in the clear bottle

    • Kava Kava (50 mg) - Used traditionally by herbalists to promote feelings of sociability and relaxation and to help alleviate nervousness.

    • Lavender (25 mg) - A member of the mint family, this herb promotes a sense of well-being and helps strengthen the nervous system.

    • Oat Extract (50 mg) - A natural relaxant that has a calming effect on the body.

    • Chamomile (25 mg) - Used since the 1600s, chamomile is well known as a digestive aid and is used to reduce anxiety.

    • Yerba Mate (200 mg) - An herb whose leaves are used both nutritionally and medicinally. Thought to stimulate the mind, enhance creativity and help reduce stress.

    • Red Clover (50 mg) - A good overall health tonic, this herb can help increase mental alertness.

  • Jing: green tea and natural tangerine and grapefruit flavors in the green bottle or protein rich soy and natural citrus flavors in the clear bottle

    • Ginkgo (50 mg) - Used for more than 5000 years by Chinese herbalists, Ginkgo is widely recognized for its ability to improve memory and sharpen the mind.

    • Sage (25 mg) - With a reputation as an effective cure-all, this herb is thought to have a positive impact on one's mood.

    • Rosemary (25 mg) - Used to help relieve nervous tension, rosemary can also help sharpen the memory and promote clearer thought.

    • Gotu Kola (100 mg) - Probably first used in India, this herb has become popular as a tonic to promote relaxation, relieve stress and help increase the powers of concentration.

    • Primrose (50 mg) - A calmative that is also thought to reduce blood pressure and help lower cholesterol.

    • Lemon Balm (50 mg) - Long used to help relieve nervous tension and help restore a feeling of well being.