Today was odd. I woke up early so I could wash my hair (a very strenuous process which takes an hour or so), and even had time to brush it before running off to school. As usual, my brother was talking on the phone all morning with his girlfriend, Sheena. So we were late. As usual. Walked into school as the bell rang, so that wasn't so bad.

Things started getting weird in Anatomy class. The teacher began with a long speech involving the surface of one's guts and how they sometimes form lumps on horses' sides. I didn't quite catch everything. Went over Lorenzo's Oil related stuff. I haven't seen that movie since eighth grade. I was moslty in a daze, wondering how I was going to pass the French test I had at one o'clock. Somehow I managed to take notes involving such phrases as "elastin = phone cord," and "tendons aren't hairballs." I have no idea what I was thinking.

Had a senior class meeting during seminar. Basically a waste of time, but I really wouldn't have done much anyways. Managed to review some of my french vocabulary while the principal (Mr. Lucas) droned on and on about setting a good example for the underclassmen. He tends to be a little wordy. I ate some puppy chow that a friend had made. It was messy.

Band. We had the worst rehersal ever, or so said Mr. Christopher. But he tends to be critical. And moody. And extremely short. Tried to help the other piccolos stay in tune. They all seem to enjoy hurting my ears. Not that they ever played the right notes anyway. Sometimes I wonder how we ever got the reputation as a first division AA marching band. Let alone symphony band. It must be all the sophomores, I bet. Seniors rule.

Went to Stacy's house for lunch. My ex-boyfriend's sister (also my ex-best friend) also went there. Everyone is a little off-balance when she's around. See The Twisted Hate Quadrangle.

French class was a blur. A very slow blur. The prof talked faster and faster as class dragged on, and I was off in my own little world. Where ever that is. Now I am home, and must leave for work shortly. I hate closing on Friday nights. I have better things to do.

Overall, not a hideous day I suppose. But not wonderful either. And yet Everything always cheers me up! I only wish SoberSephiroth, could be here to share my good mood, but I think he's busy boofing Pikachu, his hero. Or maybe Pam. Either way, I'm glad today is almost done.

Nick: no offense intended, but I assume you knew that already. See you tomorrow morning, yo.