I was driving home from work yesterday, and for some God-knows reason I decided to take Lakewood, thinking it would be faster than James due to the lack of stop signs. I was sadly mistaken.

From the start, I was stuck behind a Chrysler going ten under the speed limit. That in and of itself would be more than frustrating enough for someone with my lack of patience. But not only were they incredibly slow, but whenever so much as a leaf blew across the road, they slammed on their brakes and slowed down to a mere crawl, even compared to the speed they had been going. Now, that is slow. I’m all for going the speed limit when necessary, but there is no excuse for going anything less. Especially on a busy road. I would understand if they were looking for something, but obviously they weren’t (as will be explained in a moment).

I turned my blinker on to turn down 168th, glad to finally be rid of them. At least, I thought I’d be rid of them. They turned as well, without using a blinker. I was tempted to shout obscenities, but instead I just turned my music up.

I slowed down to turn onto my street, blinker blinking as always. Guess who turned as well? They must have thought to save their car battery or something, because once again they used no signal. I hate it when people don’t think I’m worth a few blinks. I have feelings. Dejected, I continued home. The Chrysler was still in front of me. They were still braking more often than accelerating. And then I recognized the car; “they” were my neighbors who had yelled at me a few weeks ago for letting my dog walk in their yard. There was no excrement deposited anywhere, and poor Gus the bulldog was yelled at almost as much as I was. Well, I guess they got their revenge on me. I was pissed off for the rest of the day.