Work, again. Eight hours in a dish shop on a rainy Saturday. Nothing really interesting occured, just the slow re-stocking of the 'glass wall.' It took all eight hours. Exciting? You bet. And I managed not to break anything. My record holds; I am the only employee to have broken one thing in my entire career at Pfaltzgraff. My one and only breakage experience was a Naturewood birdhouse magnet, $2.99, which I dropped while dusting. It takes hours to dust the whole store, by the way. I can mop faster than that. And I hate mopping. I hate dusting too. Sigh.

Got home from work around quarter to six. Paged Mary, we went to Wok In Wok Out, the best Chinese restaurant in Holland. The buffet rules. Of course, I can never eat enough of it to justify paying the required seven bucks, but the variety is worth the price. And it's all quite yummy. We then went to the Star Theatre and saw "Whipped." Pretty gay, overall. Got a headache from the random no-attention-span movement on the screen. Tried to ignore the couple behind us making more noise than should have been appropriate during a public display of affection. Buckis.

And now I am home, stuffed full of Advil and waiting for my headache to disappear.