I got up early to go into school and take an Anatomy test at seven this morning. Getting out of bed when it’s cold enough to see your breath is unbearable. My elbows nearly fell off. I was freezing. Piled on the layers, added some mittens and a turtle fur hat from Old Navy, and was out the door with three minutes to spare. As I was driving down the deserted streets, it was still dark. The moon was nothing but a tiny bottom sliver surrounded by a misty halo of light. I’ve never seen the moon lit up in such a way. I could see the entire outline, but there was only light on the edges. Perhaps there was some sort of lunar eclipse? Maybe I was just too tired to be out driving. The test went well, though.

Went to Stacy’s house for lunch, as always. When I got there, her car was already in the garage. I was happy to see she had remembered me today. I knocked quickly before opening the door, which is better than just walking in as usual, and what did I see? Dennis. And Stacy. In the kitchen. They pulled apart before I could so much as stare in surprise. Things were awkward after the apologizing and blushing. I hadn’t thought they were doing much other than the obvious, but no one blushes that way out of innocence.

Had a vocab quiz in French class, sur les mots du métro. It was easy. We then discussed the differences between the book and the movie of Cyrano de Bergerac. This, of course, turned into a conversation about love, attraction, and marriage between cousins. Interesting, but a waste of time. I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise. Probably nothing important.

I think I shall take a nap. I have pancakes and Advil in my stomach, and I have noded for the day - my conscience is clear. Goodnight.