My nose hurts.

That was the the theme of the day.

Worked from open to close, 10:30 to 6:30. Not a bad shift. But I had to speand eight hours of my time with Nancy. Nancy has many faults. She has few friends. She mocks me, is extremely condescending, and flaunts her superior rank whenever possible. She makes me do the dirty work. Sigh.

There was a man who called about an hour bfore closing, looking for a lighthouse soap dispenser. We had one left. He was excited enough to scare me. Why does a man need a lighthouse soap dispenser? Perhaps he was taking orders from his wife. Whatever's clever, yo.

Best Story of the Day
A woman came in looking for a single dinner plate she needed to replace. I showed her where her pattern was. She looked around for a second, found a different pattern of dishes she liked better, and bought twelve place settings, plus all matching seving pieces and any other random accessories I suggested. That's well over seven hundred bucks plus tax, and she made the decision in less than four minutes. Crazy rich old women.