The veins in my wrists mock me today. They just… sit… there, I suppose, and distract me when I try to do important things. For example:

I was at an officers’ meeting for NAHS during seminar today, and we were discussing which art gallery we’ll visit next. I was thinking perhaps someplace in Saugatuck, and when someone asked me which one, I opened my mouth to answer; but instead of naming a gallery, my eyes were pulled to my wrist of their own accord and I said, against my will, “I have blue veins in my wrist.” Right. You can imagine how smart that sounded coming out of my mouth when I was supposed to be leading a meeting. I guess that’s what I get for being so frickin’ pale – all those veins normally hidden beneath pigmented skin are clearly visible to any casual eye when glancing towards me. I wish my melanin knew how to be fashionable. Or maybe it just thinks I’m living back in the 19th century when pale was in.

Moving on. I had a huge French test. No big deal. It was mostly grammar stuff, which is usually no problem. So that was no trouble. Walking to class was miserable – it was drizzling, cold, and extremely gloomy outside today. Went over to Stacy’s house afterwards. We are practicing a dance routine for the homecoming competition. So far we have about 25 people in our group, and we’re leaning towards using the “I Will Survive” Song. I want to use a baseball bat to beat up one of the guys during the routine, and almost half the girls thought it would be a good idea. Stacy’s little brother even went in the garage and found a big metal bat covered with dust. I offered to try it out on any volunteers, but no one seemed to interested. I was sad. I wouldn’t have hurt them.

I have not had a nap in two days. Perhaps it’s time I took one now. Wish me luck.