Extremely hectic. I woke up well-rested thanks to my Nyquil, and was ready to go on time (more or less as usual), but I was forced to wait for my brother to complete his phone conversation with Sheena (also as usual). Then he couldn't find any toothpaste. I told him it was in the drawer. We finally got on our way a little before 7:30am. The bell rings at 7:45 -- it gets earlier every year -- and with traffic being as horrible as always, we were late. I finished up my reflection drawing in A.P. Art 1st hour, and then ran back out to my car to get my presentation for Anatomy. I was less than thirty seconds late to class, which was quite impressive seeing as how we only have five minutes passing time. It takes at least that long to walk from one side of the school to the other, taking into account the overcrowded hallways and numerous slow-walking sophomores. I constantly get the urge to push my way through and scream, "Out of the way, bitches!" but I could never bring myself to be so rude to complete strangers. It would greatly reduce my list of tardies though.

A.P. Stats was easy as always, if not very interesting. I enjoy doing some of the problems, such as the standard normal distribution and whatnot. At least that's got set formulas and rules to go by. Much better than trig.

A.P. Psychology was a long lecture on all the basic common-sense type aspects of the practice. I can't wait to get to something more stimulating than Structuralism vs. Humanism vs. Fuctionalism. I managed to stay awake somehow. Norman and I talked instead of taking notes. Oops. He's my diva-wannabe totally ghetto bald-headed talk-to-the-hand sorta friend. Thanks to him, class is bearable.

Band - blah. Our theme for this marching season is Latin music, and most of it sounds the same to me. Salsa Man, The Contender, Green Onions, Lock You Up, Pegasus, If you Can't Rock Me and a few others learned thus far. Not to mention the usual School Song and The Star Spangled Banner. I can only thank god I play the piccolo instead of a baritone or some such nonsense.

I left for French class afterwards, grabbed a quick bite to eat at Becky's house on the way there (white grape juice and a plain bagel), and then sat through fifty minutes of French. I still don't have the version of Cyrano de Bergerac that I need for the homework. We have a test over the entire book Wednesday, and I haven't even started. Smart.

Home. Slept. Went back to Hope College to watch the Cyrano movie, only to find my class waiting in the library with no video. Our prof had forgotten to reserve it. Nice. So I went back home. Got sick to my stomach after eating numerous chocolate chip coconut cookies and spent a while in the bathroom. Miserable. I should be at band practice, but I really don't feel like driving anywhere after puking. Perhaps it's bed time.