I went to work. Boring. But not so bad. Spent most of the time talking shit with the supervisor (Kelly). We got in a huge shipment of 4" brass and silver Reindeer Nut Bowls. Somehow, the name got turned into a dirty joke. It was Kelly's 21st birthday, so I decided to make up a song for her, all about the Reindeer Nut Bowls. We were singing it for hours, although not loud enough to be overheard by the customers. They might have been offended by our word choices.

Finally it was time to close. I swept the floors, emptied the trash, and dust mopped the entire store. I went back to the office to help Kelly count the money and see if we made budget for the day.

I found her on the floor with her head under the desk.

She had lost over four hundred dollars worth of checks, and was searching for them all over. We tore the office apart, but they were nowhere to be found. I took everything off the metal shelves in the corner and pried the bottom off, just to see if the checks might have gotten stuck underneath. After an hour of looking, neither of us found a clue as to where they might have gone. There was nothing left to do but call the Senior Supervisor, Nancy. She was not happy to hear from us. Kelly was on the verge of tears, and said she felt nauseous. No wonder; if I had lost $400+ I'd feel a little sick too. She's in college, and can't afford to pay the store back. I felt so bad for her. But the checks had disappeared. There was nothing we could do except go home.

Got home around ten thirty, ready to get online and find the copy of Cyrano de Bergerac I had bookmarked earlier. The phone line was dead. I needed to read the play for my French homework, but it wasn't gonna happen now. I moped around for a bit, and finally went to bed.