During French class, we went over the proper way to say things like "Each for his own," "It will be mine," and "I want this one, not the former." The prof was not very good at speaking over the sound lawnmowers make while cutting the grass outside our classroom. I missed the entire lecture. I think the entire class did. So it's all good.

I turned in my college apps this afternoon. I am nervous already, and they haven't even been mailed. There's only one school I want to get into, and I don't know what I'll do if they don't accept me. Probably get on with my life, eventually. But right now it seems like a huge deal. I want to go to the University of Michigan, and I've heard some pretty impressive rumors that pretty much kill all my chances of getting in. I'm not stupid, but I'm not the valedictorian either. From what people are saying, most of the kids who apply there have 4.0s and want to be president. This does nothing for my already questionable self-confidence.

I had to have heard the dumbest complaint of my life today in first hour. A little goth kiddie took time to stop talking about pot in order to bitch about how girls wear bras to school. She, she said, never did. She said "well, you don't sleep while wearing one." Okay. Well, most people aren't sleeping at school. She then went on to say she wanted to make a self portrait completely out of marijuana, because that's what she enjoyed most in life. I said, "As long as you're free," and left it at that. No one can tell me not to wear underwear.