I found a tire in the hallway at school today, so I rolled it along to all my classes. It earned some rude stares, snide comments, and outright admiration. It was spray painted orange and white, but upon a closer inspection I realized it was of the Firestone brand. Upon this discovery, I abandoned my new toy at the end of a seldom-traveled hall near the science wing. I can only wonder if anyone else found him later and had as much fun as I had. The simple joys of strange entertainment…

Also at school, I was fucking cold as always. It’s cold enough to snow, and the administration still has the air conditioning on. To protest the temperature, I refused to remove my hat, scarf, and mittens I had worn to school. This pissed staff off immensely. The principal – keep in mind this school has close to 1800 kids – personally told me no less that three times to take my hat off throughout the day. But no one said anything about the tire. Go figure.

Had an awards assembly rehearsal to go to at two o’clock. Mostly a waste of time – anyone with a 3.0 gpa or higher gets an academic award. I could never go to class and do no homework and still get at least a 3.0. I wish public schools would raise their standards.

Took a nap after getting home, and woke up in time to pick up Schmoo and make it to pep band no less than three minutes late. Our team lost. It was the cheerleaders fault though – they were dropping people left and right, messing up their hand movements, and jumbling their words together throughout the entire basketball game. We made fun of them instead of paying attention to the score. Jessica, Meagan, Andy, Schmoo, little Dupay, Steph, Kelly, and me all piled onto the bleachers in a rather large heap, and remained there until the band director noticed.

Tonight was supposed to be superhero night (every night we play at a game, we have a theme to dress up for, although participation has dwindled over the years), and two of the six people who dressed up were pokemon, both guys who looked ridiculous when they managed to squeeze into the tiny toddler’s costumes. It made for some good jokes though.

My toe hurts. I better go to bed.