My grandma is visiting from Vermont. I haven't seen her since my grandfather's funeral, which was almost two years ago. She misses him endlessly - they were married for almost sixty years before he died. Lung cancer. Grandma talks about him constantly, and she gets teary eyed just as often. She's moving out of the house they shared, where the kids were raised and countless memories reside. She says she wants to get an apartment somewhere, that everything is so confusing, that she is so completely lost in life without her husband. I told her she could live in my room. She hugged me and cried.

We went shopping at Pfaltgraff in the midafternoon. Mom found a new pattern of dishes she wants, although the dishes we are currently eating off of were brand new as of last Christmas. Grandma decided on Naturewood, the most popular and the most expensive of all Pfaltzgraff patterns. I hung out with the other employees when my knowledge wasn't needed, or else ran across the store waving my arms over my head while wearing mismatched oven mits that reached almost to my elbows. While attending your place of employment when you're not actually working, one must take advantage and be silly without punishment. Kelly and Jenn nearly died laughing, but eventually I got sick of embarassing myself.

Had a long, tedious conversation with Nick via instant messanger. Most of our internet talks go something like this:

N: What's up, Gaytay.
K: Leave me alone, Gayathan.
N: At least I'm not gay.
K: You're just jealous that I'm boofing your girlfriend
N: You're kidding, right? Right?

This went on for over an hour. I don't know why I put up with him. Then he told me he had sent the script to Pam (the girlfriend). So now she thinks that I'm gay and want to have sex with her. I did have a dream about it once... but that doesn't count. Sigh.