I took my French grammar test today, all about direct and indirect pronouns and imperative forms and whatnot. Don’t know how well I did on that one. The prof always tries to trick us on most of them, and she usually succeeds. I hate it when teachers are dirty.

We now have that cable internet connection deal. Over the years I have gotten so accustomed to twiddling my thumbs for the several seconds (occasionally several minutes) it would take to load a page, so it’s weird to get immediate results after clicking on something. I don’t know what to do with myself; there’s no down time. I’m not sure if I can ever get used to this.

Got my A.P. Stats quiz back today -- completely bombed it. That’s what I get for procrastinating. Maybe I’m just lazy. Yeah, that’s most likely the problem. I used to have no problem getting straight A’s, but this year it’s a pain in the ass. And I refuse to lower my expectations. But I did ace my A.P. Psychology test, also handed back today. But it’s hard to be satisfied with one thing when you know you fucked up on another. It’s that whole all or none idea. I have more distorted thoughts than anyone else my age, I swear.

In psych class today, we actually did something other than take notes. We had to put a blindfold on and walk down to the gym with only the directions of our partner to guide us. Big Norm was my partner, as always. He was doing this dancing/sideways thing as he walked through the halls, embarrassing me to no end and having all the fun in the world while doing it. As long as you’re free. When it was my turn to wear the blindfold, he led me through the cafeteria, where I not only managed to stick my hands in some mashed potatoes and trip over several garbage cans, but someone threw stuff at me. If people were really that mean to blind people, what would our world come to?

And now I must get some work done.