I'm using the new computer - I don't think I like it. The keyboard is "state of the art," but I think that's computer-speak for the spacebar being too frickin' fat. It'll take some getting used to, I'm sure. Anyway, this new computer is supposed to be superior to the one we got last year, but I'm not too impressed so far. Perhaps I do not adjust to change very well. I am loyal to my computers, and having to transfer that loyalty at least once every twelve months is a little more than I can handle without feelings of guilt.

So what if it's got/is (a/an) 866Mhz CPU, 128MB RDRAM, 32MB NVIDIA TNT2 M64 4X AGP graphics something-or-other, 40GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive, DVD drive, etc. etc. I don't know exactly what most of this means, although it sure sounds impressive. I do remember that back in the day, we had a 90Mhz CPU and that was considered top of the line. Scary how fast everything is changing.

Today was not too bad, being a weekday and all. I was up until one or so doing A.P. Psych homework, only to fall asleep on the concrete floor and dream of experiencing all states of consciousness semi-simultaneously. It was frightening. Turns out I'm sleep-deprived, surprise, and my dreams are crazy because of all the back up REM sleep I need. I thought it was the prozac.

During art this morning, I wrote my composition for French class which I had decided to neglect all weekend. During stats class, I did the exercises that were due last Friday for French, and the homework due for today besides the composition. I'm so sick of that language, but next semester have the 295 class, which is three hours a day every day. Bitch.

Lunch was long and lonely; I lost Stacy somewhere at Burger King, and ended up driving down River looking for her car. I found her at Taco Bell. For some reason I can't even go in there without getting sick, so I waited in the parking lot for her to notice me through the window. She brought her poisonous tacos outside and we ate while sitting on the trunk of her car (I had my trusty Burger King 5-piece chicken tenders). We were late getting back to school, but no one cared, least of all us.

When I got out of French class, I drove over to Herrick to use a computer there since both the computers at my house were down due to some malice between Windows98 and WindowsME. The d00d at the desk made me go back to my car and get my ID, only to tell me I was not 18 and could not use the internet without supervision. I was not happy, but tried to humor him - there's been some big issue with censorship going around Holland.

I got home at 2:30 and napped till after seven. By then the computers were fixed, and I decided to give the new one a try. It's starting to grow on me already.