Other than getting burned on a reading lamp, my day wasn’t so awful. I woke up before eight and took a shower, read a little, watched some Jerry Springer. Naturally, it was about seemingly normal, if somewhat ugly, women admitting they were prostitutes to the nation and finally letting their families/lover(s) in on the secret. And then came the real shocker – “surprise, honey, I’m really a man!” My god. How many men-turned-females are there out there, and why are they all on Jerry Springer? I finally stopped watching the show this morning after the story involving a huge black man acting like a baby, complete with diaper changing, was advertised. One can only take so much

Sat around feeling bored but relaxed. Contemplated the idea of doing some homework, but common sense told me there was no need for work when I was capable of sleep. Funny how logical that always sounds.

Had to go to French class at one and talked about the Islamic religion in relation to a francophone writer from Morocco. There just happened to be two Muslims in my class, so this discussion got quite detailed. I found it interesting.

When I made it back home around quarter after two, my brother informed me that he needed to use my debit card to buy his girlfriend a $430 engagement ring. The occasion? Her sixteenth birthday. I reluctantly agreed after he promised to pay me back as soon as possible. Sheena, the girlfriend, had picked the ring out a little while ago and had been telling Adam (my bro) how much she would love him if he bought it for her. The bad news? She wants another ring for Christmas. Bitch.

Went shopping with my mother when she got home from work. I wasn’t too enthused to spend a few hours looking through stores, so she all but begged me to accompany her. I couldn’t refuse. We went to Target, Office Max, and Barnes and Noble. I bought some Herbal Essence shampoo and a bar of soap.

When mom and I were on the way back across the parking lot, we saw a mother wandering down the sidewalk with a two year old little girl in a pink coat trailing about twenty feet behind her. The little girl was walking in the road, and the mother didn’t care. Such sights are upsetting.

Overall, I have decided I have a problem with saying NO to my immediate family members. Today, it cost me exactly four hundred thirty dollars, half an hour of driving time to and from Kay Jewelers, as well as two hours fifteen minutes of tedious boredom and fatigue from running around after my mother.