A gathering of long-absent dinosaurs who flock together as sheep (thanks shaogo).

I haven't written any form of day log since 2003 or thereabouts. I still have nothing of note to say beyond the fact that e2 will never be other than that which it was (and is), regardless of the evolution of policies and personal philosophies.

Numbers are irrelevant. I'm nigh 100% certain I used to be a few levels higher (or lower?) than I am at present, despite years of nearly complete inactivity. The logic of this isn't important; the policies governing the logic are even less important. e2 will forever be the place that taught me others value the written word as I do, that relative strangers can drive across countries (and get speeding tickets in both countries across which they traversed, mind you) to meet each other face to face, only to write notes to pass to one another in a fancy restaurant - writing is just that fabulous.

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