I won a car this morning.

How did it happen? Only took a minute or two. I was at the West Ottawa High School after-graduation party (Jungle) being held at the Dow Center downtown. We arrived there around nine o’clock at night after driving around aimlessly in eight buses holding 300+ kids. The location was supposed to be a secret, but as soon as we got on the highway heading south, everyone knew it would be at the Dow. It’s the same location where our seventh grade lock in took place, which was a fact unremembered or unknown by most everyone, including the committee who booked the place for us.

My former band director, one Mr. Christopher, was the Master of Ceremony for the night. He was wearing a carnival hat atop his little head, running around frantically handing out air fresheners and Frisbees. Perhaps his small size allows for unlimited energy.

My friends and I checked our bags in one of the racquetball rooms with the shrunken door, and then headed over to the Lets Make a Deal gameshow going on. I have been an avid Monty Hall fan since I saw the show for the first time, although later I would abandon him for my beloved Bob Barker. The gameshow was too fast-paced for me and my broken foot, so I went out into the maze of corridors to try my hand at gambling. Every student was allowed 40 chips to start with, and the one to have the most by the end of the night would win $100 cash. Knowing my luck runs high, I placed the maximum bet on 12 while playing Razzle Dazzle and won 100 chips in one try. I did this several times until the volunteer parent running the game told me to try black jack because she was out of chips. My luck was not so good at black jack, but I still won more than lost. Tried Dirty Queen, but tired of the slow turnover. I ended the night with well over three hundred chips. Sure of my victory, I handed them in to be counted.

I met up with Bobby after turning the stuff in, and we wandered about for a while looking for short lines. The palm reader was booked, the caricature drawer was backed up for an hour, so we were left with the cash machine. The allowed us ten seconds or so to grab as much money as we could as it was blown in whirlwinds around us, and I somehow managed to get six dollars and a pizza coupon. Not bad!

Darci and I waited in line for almost forty minutes to have our pictures taken and superimposed onto the picture of out choice. I picked a lovely painting of Louis XIV to have my face stuck on. It looked a little freaky, but it’s a nice souvenir. Darci had her face put on the Mona Lisa, and it looked so real that everyone was amazed. Her darker complexion and hair matched perfectly.

Jessica and I tried this virtual reality video game. I didn’t do so well, but Jessica got bonus time after bonus time and played for five minutes at least. Amazing. Jess and I then went to the obstacle course, where I took off my walking cast thing and hopped through it on one foot. To even out my chances, Jess also used only her left foot. Thankfully the course was one giant inflatable maze, so we were not hurt at all. There was a wall to climb at the end, and I was forced to use my elbows and knees to make it over without breaking another metatarsal.

Meagan, Jess, Kyle, Darci and I played Frisbee in an emptier section of the gym for a half hour or so. Our student senate treasurer took three yellowjackets and then ran around in circles as we threw the Frisbee back and forth. It was interesting, I suppose. By this time we were all extremely tired and fighting to stay awake. The two o’clock stupids had set in, and we giggled at nothing while trying not to fall asleep so the Frisbee would not hit us between the eyes.

The hypnotist performance was next. The man was wearing a tux and a vest with extremely shiny gold buttons. About ten people ended up being hypnotized completely, including the unforgettable Scott. He looked as if he had died, slouching in his chair oblivious to the audience. The hypnotist told Scott that whenever he touched his bowtie, Scott would feel as if someone had lit a blowtorch under his bottom. As soon as he touched it, Scott yelled and slid around the floor on his butt, saying it hurt as if he had diarrhea. This caused hysterical laughter. The hypnotist then told everyone their right foot would be stuck to the floor, and then asked them to go back out into the audience. No one could move. Laura looked like she was going to cry because no matter how hard she tried, her foot was stuck.

After the hypnotist, the prize drawing took place. I won a beach towel and some sunscreen. I then laid down to take a nap on Meagan’s shin, but was soon awaken when I heard the drawing for the car was taking place. I stared groggily at Mr. C as he rummaged around in the bowl full of names. He pulled one out, and then said he would announce the winner of the car after all the other prizes were won. Refrigerators, microwaves, computers, stereos, VCRs and TVs were being handed out left and right, but I did not win any of it. I laid back down, slightly dismayed, until I head my name called. I had won the car! I was too sleepy to really react much, but it was a good feeling nonetheless.

I am the new owner of a 1996 Geo Metro, with a retail value of $6900. I plan on selling it so my Saturn does not get jealous. But first I need to get some more sleep.