Bean is home.

I went to a friend's house yesterday around nine o'clock, expecting to find a small number of cars gathered around the driveway and perhaps a keg or two gracing the kitchen counter. Instead I found dozens of cars lining the street and a full bar spreding from the dining room, through the living room, and then back again.

Everyone had been drinking since four. I was a little behind.

I found Bobby and congratulated him on his graduation (he, in turn, congratulated me on mine). His eyelids were sagging, he was stumbling about, and his pupils were the size of pennies. He tried to give me a shot of vodka, but I declined. Puking is not a fun activity, and that is the unavoidable result of any alcohol intake into my body. It's quite violent, actually.

There was a little asian girl running throughout the house. She was the child of one of the partiers. Interesting. I was one of the few white people present, but I have become used to filling the minority role these days.

Jessica and I managed to place a bottle cap on top of the nose of a stuffed deer above the stairs. We debated whether or not to tell Bobby, seeing as how it was almost impossible to see and we were sure his parents would never notice. I think he ended up spotting it, and laughed for a few minutes before saying it could stay put.

David, a very gay and very ex-friend of my brother, was in need of some coke to mix with his fifth of something, but he was too drunk to drive about town looking for some. Seeing as how I was one of the few sober people present, I volunteered to drive him. We talked about clothes shopping at Banana Republic and various other issues. He's a very sweet guy. I asked what happened between him and my brother that made them stop being friends - he said it was a long story, but he'd give me the short version. A few months ago, David had tried to get it on with Adam (my bro) and had been violently rejected. My brother is a notorious homophobic, and yet he seems to be friends with a large number of gay people. Go figure.

I somehow got sucked into a game of I've Never going on in the basement. Someone handed me a cup full of what I assume was rubbing alcohol by the smell, and the taste. Whatever's clever. I surrendered my will to keep breakfast and lunch down, and started drinking little sips when I had to. You learn some interesting things while playing this particular game with people. The subject almost always turned towards sex, and I was surprised at how many people drank to a number of surprising acts.

Bobby bumped another pill and was soon singing along with a DVD of his personal goddess, Brittney Spears. He even had a microphone hooked up to his massive entertainment center, blasting his voice through a dozen speakers throughout the room. It was hilarious.

I left around three, not having dranken enough to impare my driving skills. I went over to Aaron's house where I promptly fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up around noon and headed home to change. I hadn't been home for more than half an hour when my dad walked in, carrying my most precious possession in the world - Bean. He was home from the vet after going there last friday night for acute care. He has an armload of medicine to take, but whatever makes him better I am willing to force into him. I actually cried yesterday because I thought I saw Bean out of the corner of my eye laying next to the slider. It was just a pair of shoes.

Thanks to all of you who have kept Bean in your thoughts, and for the support you've offered his slightly frazzled owner in her time of distress these past few days. I'll keep you all updated on his progress!