After going to bed at the insanely early hour of midnight, I was surprised to wake up at ten this morning and still feel a bit sleepy. My needy teenage body does not seem to enjoy cooperating with a mind less focused on daily necessities as opposed to long-term goals. This is something I must learn to live with for the next two years.

I watched The Price is Right, the game show to end all game shows (at least since Let’s Make a Deal isn’t on tv these days), from eleven til noon. Bob Barker is looking quite frail, but he still manages to keep young minds entertained. And old ones, too. Naturally. I made breakfast during the first showcase showdown. This leads to my daily intake log:

I had to work at 2:30 this afternoon. It was an extremely busy day in comparison to our usual business. Several couples picked July 6 to buy entire sets of dishes ranging from $200 to $500 total. It was exciting.

There is a woman who comes into the store every week or so by the name of G*y*n (she is always wearing her nursing nametag, so we all know her personally). She has been coming to Pfaltzgraff for many years on a weekly basis, buying random selections that total about twenty dollars each visit. The next week she is usually back to return what was purchased the week before, or to exchange it for something else. We all know her by sight and sound, as well as the all white uniform she wears in addition to a stethescope around her neck. The scary thing is, she is not all there. 34 cards, maybe 35 on a good day, but that is the extent of her mental deck. And she is an RN. Another reason to lose a little bit of faith in society.