Bean’s fur is beginning to grow back noticeably on his little arms and under his chin. His lumbar spine is still a little spiky, and well as his illianic crests, but they are not nearly as bad as a week ago. His health is slowly but surely returning, thanks to the love provided by family and friends.

Bean sends his special thanks to JayBonci, Lord Brawl, The Custodian and Freaek.

I set my alarm for 8:45 this morning. I believe I woke up long enough to turn it off and fall back asleep. I woke up fully at quarter after nine, jumped out of bed and raced out the door to work. Luckily I made it there without being late. However, I sacrificed brushing my hair, breakfast, and putting on makeup to do it. Long hair is very demanding in the mornings, so I was forced to take a break before opening the store in order to get it under control. The supervisor found a lost and forlorn strand left behind on the floor and got out the official tape measure to see exactly how long my hair is these days. The record is currently 36.25” (92.075cm). I need to get a four-inch or so trim within the next few weeks, so this will remain the record for at least three more months.

To make up for skipping breakfast, I went out to lunch at Burger King with Aaron. I had a #5, the Chicken Club minus mayo and bacon. Mayonnaise turns my stomach, but bacon makes me horribly sick. It’s not a voluntary thing. My intake of the day, therefore, consisted of:

Update: Dinner:

I kept busy as work most of the eight hours I was there. There were a surprising number of people out buying dishes this afternoon, so I was kept behind the register for a good portion of the shift. I sold an insane number of Yorktowne mugs to various older couples throughout the day. Even after restocking the mugs around three o’clock, they were still all gone by the time I left. This is truly amazing, seeing as how we have a massive amount of backstock of this particular item since it normally rarely sells. Susan (the manager) was excited to be rid of them.

Speaking of Susan, her daughter (Meredith) came into the store around two this afternoon and informed her mother that she had quit her job at the Linen Barn. I then got to hear about the reasons behind the quitting, and by the time that was done, Susan’s mother and sister had come to the store to say hello. Susan is Kyle’s mom. Kyle is one of my good friends and one of my boyfriend’s best friends. Therefore Susan’s mother is Kyle’s grandma, whom I have known for several years on a personal basis. We call her Nanz. I have only met Kyle’s aunt (Susan’s sister) once before, at his open house when he graduated three years ago. Nanz, Susan, and most of the family call Kyle by a shortened version of his middle name to avoid confusing him with his and Meredith’s father, Susan’s ex husband. In conclusion, my manager is the daughter of my third nana and mother to a friend.

I am in urgent need of new contacts. The ones I am wearing have been in and out of my eyes for the past three months – they’re supposed to be changed every two weeks. Lack of sleep added to unsafe contacts added to mild allergies (I love genetics) equals miserable eyeballs.