I sold a car, registered for insurance, bought a sword, won some spiders, and then went out for ice cream. It’s been a busy day.

Woke up around ten this morning after a restful night’s sleep. As soon as I was clean and clothed I parked my bottom in front of the tv for some Sally Jesse Raphael/The Price is Right action. I stirred long enough during commercial breaks to fetch some cereal and a glass of water to wash down the daily morning meds. After the old guy won the showcase on TPiR, I took off to run errands.

I called my family doctor to get a refill on my previously mentioned mediation. Although I have been taking it every day for three years, I am still required to request a few more months supply every now and again. It’s no big deal, but seeing the bottle diminish to nothing so quickly makes me feel a little too dependent. Happiness in a bottle isn’t natural, but it works.

Took off afterwards to register for insurance at State Farm. I talked to a lady named Tammy, she told me for $135 I could have insurance on my little Geo Metro until I sold it. Depending on how quickly it was sold, I would get a respective refund. I used one of my new checks to pay the bill; it was a Winnie the Pooh sample. Charming.

Having finished this task, I drove the two minutes or so it takes to get to my boyfriend’s house. Surprisingly enough, he was awake and cleaning a bathroom when I arrived. I was definitely impressed. He traditionally sleeps until two in the afternoon or later unless I make a point to wake him up. The death metal was blaring, my ears were hurting, so I retreated to the other side of the house to practice some classical Debussy on the antique piano with real ivory keys. The screaming aftertaste death metal leaves on my brain was soon abolished, and I worked up the energy to ask Aaron to drive me over to Short Cut garage on Aniline so I could pick up the previously mentioned little Geo. He said as soon as he was finished cleaning he would take me there. I agreed, seeing as how cleaning for him is out of the norm. Priorities are important. So I retured to the living room to rest.

I woke up two hours later to the sounds of Unreal Tournament blasting from the tv next to the couch I had slept on. The Sega Dreamcast was fully functioning with four very large boys sitting in a tight semicircle around it. During my accidental nap, people had shown up and needed to be entertained. It happens.

One of the guys who had arrived was the original Jonathan, a good friend to Aaron and me both. Jokingly I asked Jon if he wanted to buy a Geo from me. He said sure, would I take cash? I agreed. So he drove me over to the garage to pick it up, and he took it for a test drive in the rain. Despite his 6’6” of height, he managed to fit inside the tiny space bubble of a car. I told him the compressor is busted, so he could have it for $2500 since he was my boy. It’ll take him a week to dig up the cash, but it is a done deal. So much for the insurance in my name.

After bringing the Geo home, I drove Aaron, Schmoo and Seth out to the mall for lunch. We ate at J.J. Finnegan’s, the all-time favorite restaurant of all those attending. I had my usual chicken finger platter. Seth decided to order the Cheesy Beef due to its humorous title. It was, in fact, a massive amount of roast beef inside some bread covered in cheese. The name was surprisingly accurate.

After finishing lunch, we wandered the mall for a short time. Aaron and Schmoo were interested in investing in some sweatpants from J.C. Penney, so I humored them and walked towards that end of the mall. We didn’t get farther than Aladdin’s Castle, the local arcade. We saw brightly colored plastic ninja swords hanging from a display, and decided we could not leave without each possessing one. Ten dollars and twenty minutes later, we were the proud owners of one purple (for me), one blue (for Schmoo), one red (for Aaron), and one green (for Seth) sword, one old school Disney dog/cow beanie baby, two plastic flies and a handful of rubber spiders. We left feeling completely satisfied. The two employees of an age with us who had assisted in our quest were left to stare in confusion as we fought each other all the way to the parking lot.

As we were leaving, I noticed a Weezer sticker on a car. Then I noticed the car. Then I noticed it was Becky’s car. I was in the process of placing a friendly greeting message beneath her windshield wiper, when the girl walked up behind me with a hug and a frighteningly loud exclamation of “TAY!” We talked, the guys were forced to sit and wait for me. We decided to get together tomorrow and head over to Grandville. We then parted ways, and I reverted back to ninja status.

While driving the car towards James street, Schmoo noticed a bright blue ball sitting well off to the south. I put the car in reverse and zoomed over to it, scaring an old couple who had just parked in the space next to the coveted ball. Having retrieved it safely, we returned home. Later in the evening, everyone went to get ice cream at Captain Sundae’s. It was definitely a crazy thirteen hours.