90 mhz processor, 1 gig hardrive, 36K modem... I had forgotten what it's like to use an inferior computer. I've always taken for granted the fact that my dad has this astonishing obsession with technology which drives him to buy a new system every six months or so. I am currently running one of the cast offs, one of the former beauty queens who has been reduced to little more than a dust collector. This particular machine made the thirteen hour car trip out to Vermont to live with my aging grandmother, whom I am visiting for a week. She still doesn't know how to work the mouse. She is a slow pupil, but I am driving her relentlessly. She shall learn one of these days.

Grandma is in the process of packing up her entire house (home to her and her husband for countless years) in order to move to an appartment a few miles down the road. After grandpa died a few years ago, gram can't keep up with the yard work and such. We drove out here to help get her packed up and so forth. My Uncle Joe (my dad's older brother), who used to live in Louisiana until recently, also came by to help with the moving. My cousins, Kimberly and Matthew (21 and 13) are also hanging about to give a hand when and where needed. There are a lot of hands around here.

My intake log has gone to hell and is not likely to return. All my efforts to eat normally have exploded somewhat violently, and I have continued to lose weight. My aunt and my grandma have been staying up late at night talking about me. I can hear them if I listen closely. I'm down to 124 pounds according to the scale in the bathroom, and that is a far cry from the 132 I started the summer at. Why can't I be normal? I ate three meals today along with several snacks in between, and I ended up with my head in the toilet. My damn digestive system can't handle normal amounts of food anymore.

Things are pretty dull, overall. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night with Kimberly and her boyfriend at The Olive Garden. I don't know when I will have enough patience to return to e2 while subjected to this painfully slow computer, but I will be sure to return this sunday.