The past few days have been surprisingly pleasant.

I was finally called to perform before our band director in order to assess my musical abilities, and I was rewarded with advancement in status. I am once again on my way to becoming first chair - only two more to go. Later that day, I was sitting in the library proofreading my essay that was due at three o’clock. I found several minor errors that demanded the entire paper be re-written in order to present it at highest quality. Thankfully I had thought ahead and saved the paper on a disk, which I managed to sneak into the library and open on the one computer containing a functioning A drive. I made the few corrections, printed it off, and was back where I belonged in less than five minutes.

Around twenty to three, I left for Hope. I arrived more or less on time after parallel parking into a snow bank in order to fit between two SUVs. Handed in the essay, and then proceeded to take the test on French philosophers. We were given one of the Blue Books to write all the short answers and essays in. Those always make me nervous; they’re so impersonal and bare. I couldn’t remember what Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s real name was. This wasn’t a question on the test, but when I forget a simple piece of trivia such as that, my luck is running low. I managed to complete the test without any problems, however, and be the second one finished. I turned it in the Madame, who was in her office, and then was on my way home.

Today, nothing exciting happened. But it was pleasant nonetheless. Last night I had spent an hour downloading 23 songs from Napster and making a compilation CD for my friend, Norman. He rewarded my kindness with a lunch trip to Blimpie’s. You know I was excited!

I talked to my A.P. Psychology teacher after class about the lecture she gave on Anorexia the other day. Although she had warned me ahead of time about the specific subject of the lecture, I wasn’t really worried about it. What’s in the past is done; if I was touchy about every experience I’ve ever had, I’ll end up being a complete and utter bitch for the rest of my life. I offered to let her borrow my notebooks from the University of Iowa, where I received most of my treatment. I also threw in the Linden Oaks notebook as well, since that had a lot of information in it too. She thanked me profusely and asked if she could keep them for a while. I said sure – when am I going to want to look at them? Yes, I really really want to remember what my life was like as a patient in a mental hospital - please let me keep these memories close at hand. I was more than glad to hand them over.

We had a substitute teacher in Reading and Writing Workshop (a total senior slacker class), who was supposed to read to us our daily does of Le Petit Prince. Well, it was the English version, but the title The Little Prince just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I read this book last year in French class, so the story content was nothing new to me. I usually just zoned out while the usual teacher read in her harsh, lisping voice with a phony English accent, but today was different. Our sub was not at all impressed with the plot of the book, so she blatantly skipped several pages and read the last paragraph. She then handed out candy and let us leave twenty minutes early. It was too good to be true.

The garage door motor is broken, so when I got home I had to lift it up manually. It was a lot harder than it looked. I couldn’t get it to lift by using the handle on the outside, so I went into the garage and tried pulling on the cord hanging from the top of the door. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough body mass to counterweight the massive wooden door, so I was forced to leave my poor car out in the cold until my parents arrived home to open the garage door themselves.

I talked to my boyfriend on the phone for about an hour before I had to go to pep band. He was telling me about his religious views, and how he thinks he’s agnostic now instead of an atheist. I was pleased to hear that. Atheism is usually associated with bitter, hardcore younger people. Aaron is just a sweet, oversized college student who was raised with an absence of religious convictions. This is, in fact, the best way to be brought up. He was left to make up his own mind without bias and the encouragement to jump on the Christian bandwagon. However, I am quite happy being a member of the Christian Reformed church.

Good night.