French phrases commonly used in the English language:

à bouche ouverte: with open mouth; eagerly; uncritically

à compte: on account

à droit/gauche: to or on the right/left hand

à la belle étoile: under the beautiful star; in the open air at night

à la français: in the French style

ami de cour: court friend; insincere friend

ancienne noblesse: old-time nobility; the French nobility before the Revolution of 1789

à peu près: nearly; approximately

à pied: on foot

au contraire: on the contrary

au pays des aveugles les borgnes sont rois: in the country of the blind, the one-eyed men are kings

au reste: for the rest; besides

aux armes: to arms

a votre santé: to your health (used as a toast)

bon jour: good day

cherchez les femmes: look forthe women

cheval de bataille: war-horse; argument constantly relied on; favorite subject

d'accord: in accord; agree

de mal en pis: from bad to worse

en ami: as a friend

en effet: in fact; indeed

enfin: in conclusion; in a word

To be continued...