My French prof was chasing me, trying to explain why I was failing her class. We ran through the halls of my cousin's house in New Zealand, with all of my graded compositions and tests laying on the dining room table. She managed to catch my sleeve once, and drag me over to the table. She pointed to a red mark on one of the essays. I screamed. She tried her best to calm me down, but I was hysterical. She had no choice but to leave me alone in my misery.

The entire dream was in French.

I was Félicie from Un Papillon dans la Cité, floating on my back in a river of blood, staring at the sky and relaxing. Man Ya, my grandmother in the dream, was calling from the bank "Félicie! Félicie! Ta mère est morte!" And then she jumped into the river to pull me out. Being an old woman, she was unable to swim. She sank into the dark red water, only her hands remaining above the surface. I could still hear her screaming that my mother had died.


I was Trinity from The Matrix, except I still looked like me. Neo, who looked like Aaron, was trapped inside a glass jar slowly filling up with sand. I knew I had to get him out, because too much sand caused death by insanity. I remember thinking "well, at least he's tall, so I've got time to make it home."

The dream never finished itself.