I had yet another Wheel of Time related dream while taking a nap. I was Rand al'Thor, but he was a horse being ridden by an Aes Sedai through dimly lit, yellow, underground stone hallways. The bit in my mouth was barbed, with spikes and other painful things attached. My mouth was wired shut, I had blinders on. The Aes Sedai had some wicked spurs on her heels, and used them often. I had a red and white blanket on my back, and the the saddle was black. There was an army squeezing through the halls after us, one by one since it was so narrow. I thought dreams weren't supposed to hurt, but I clearly remember being in pain. The hallway kept spiraling farther and farther down into the ground. There was nothing i could do but keep going forward. This went on for hours, or so it seemed. Why am I cursed with nightmares?