For the first time in quite a while, I woke up remembering every detail of my dream. It started out simple enough. I was over at my boyfriend's mom's house, just hanging out in the front yard, and suddenly I see flames going through the windows. Everyone runs inside to save what they can. For some reason I climb on top of the kitchen counter to rescue a tiny cactus on top of all the cupboards. I rush back outside, proud of what I did, and Aaron's mom casually says, "I hate that plant." I was heartbroken.

Next, I was in a huge square in the middle of an Italian city, talking with some friends. I am wearing a dress of all things, peach colored with a black belt and black buttons running down the front, and a huge black hat. Quite sophisticated. I look up and see Aaron standing amidst the crowd, wearing a suit and looking every inch like James Bond. I run up to meet him. He says I am in danger, that a bounty has been issued and everyone wants me dead. Just then I see a man with a huge gun of some sort walk by.

I am in a store, with dim light and wooden furniture everywhere. I walk downstairs and see a man sitting on a table, wearing a completely black suit. I walk past him, and it's James Bond/Aaron again. He hands me a note with directions to "the van" on it, and turns his head slightly so that I may see the secret message embroidered on the collar of his coat. Something about being careful. I follow the directions to a huge van driven by an old man. I sit way in the back, wondering where Aaron is. I see all sorts of food stacked around. There are countless boxes of ice cream, frozen hot dogs, etc. But none of it was in the freezer and yet nothing was melted.

I am at home, upstaires watching tv. Suddenly someone shouts "FIRE!" I rush into the family room and see flames flickering in and out of existance, depending on how hard I concentrate on them. I turn and put my back against the fire, and absorb it somehow. Then I rush into my room to see if my stuff is okay. It was. I run back upstairs to my parent's room, and find my mom and dad exclaiming over what happened. Their bathroom is a blackened mess. My mom says she put a load of laundry in last April and forgot about it so it caught fire. My dad said he accidently put a golf club behind the toilet and made the house flood.