Yesterday was my brother’s 16th birthday. I was rudely awakened from my daily nap, and was told Adam had decided he wanted to eat dinner in Grandville. We first had to drive to Hamilton to pick up The Girlfriend from cheerleading practice. Not only did we have to go into the highschool and look for her, but once we found the girl, she refused to leave even ten minutes early. The entire varsity Hamilton cheerleading squad was witness to a heated argument between Adam and his Sheena. The coach finally got sick of listening and ended practice.

The ride to Grandville was uneventful, besides the fact that Sheena insisted on putting on layers and layers of makeup in the backseat. The end result was amusing; she had more streaks and lines across her face than anything else. We said she looked fine.

Dinner was nice. We went to Kahunaville, the new restaurant at Rivertown Crossings. Good food, and too much of it. I had a house salad with no dressing, and two glasses of pineapple juice. We then spent about an hour in the arcade across from the restaurant. I won several hundred tickets and graciously bestowed them upon Adam to do with as he wished. He traded them in for handcuffs, Coke bottle glasses, and a tiny star-shaped slinky. I got to keep the last item – quite a benevolent gift from a loving brother.

The ride home was anything but fun. During their usual bout of hitting, scratching, and screaming at each other that usually precedes sexual encounters, I somehow got caught in the middle and suffered a severely bruised face. Neat. Just what I always wanted.

Today was better, despite my bruises. No school, but I had to run to Hope and take the oral exam for French. It went well enough. The professor asked me to read a poem written by Charles Baudelaire, and then explain what I thought about it. The entire ordeal took less than half an hour, and was much easier than I had expected. Now I just have to take the written portion of the exam next week, and I am free from French until January.

As long as you’re free.