I haven’t done this in far too long. Life is good, I’m home for the holidays and have been since the seventeenth. I’m due to return to Ann Arbor before the seventh of January, when classes start. I’m taking a bitch of a semester, all science and language. The only thing I am truly worried about at this point is losing my mind under such a heavy load of three-hour labs and endless memorization. I think I’ll be able to handle it, and if I can’t I’ll have the entire summer to recuperate.

My friends and I are planning a major spring break vacation. We’re thinking Tijuana, the birthplace of one of my favorite mexicans, the one and only Joaquin. We’ve been pals for three years or so. So far the list of participants included myself, him, Aaron/MiZuNkY, Nick/SoberSephiroth, and possibly a few others. I think it shall be exciting. Just the plane ride would be interesting enough, let alone the two weeks of drunkenness and good food. We’ll see what happens.

Christmas this year was a little shaky in the planning. My brother has been on the outs with the parents or about… well, for as long as I can remember. But now that he is approaching the age of legalness he and they have been arguing more than usual. Adam turned seventeen on the seventh of Decmber, an event everyone was happy to witness. We weren’t sure he’d make it this far. He is back with the esoteric Sheena as of two weeks ago, just in time to have her around our house while I’m home for break. Lucky me.

Despite all these new developments, Christmas went better than I thought it would. There was no fighting, no threats of moving out, no blatant drug use in front of the family. It was almost like the good old days, but the glazed look in Adam’s eyes, paired with his far off stare that seems to be a permanent feature this past year, put a damper on the event for me at least. I just want my old brother back, the one I used to build forts with out of couch cushions and make igloos with in our front yard every winter. The one I argued with and chased around the house with a baseball bat, the one who spent hours setting up puppet shows with stuffed animals and kite string hanging from the second floor over the banister at our old house. The one who wanted to paint his room orange and cried when my parents said no, the one who’s hair everyone made fun of for being shaped exactly like a mushroom, who’s eyelashes reached his eyebrows and who’s mouth never closed. The one who smiled occasionally.

I bought my mother a nightgown, a new version of Mahjongg for the computer, a few board games. I made a 16x24” painting from a picture for my dad, and also got him Spaceballs the DVD. For my brother, I got Requiem for a Dream, one film from the endless stream of drug-use related movies that so entertain him and his friends. I received more than I deserved, including a new Fossil watch with kanji for numbers on the face, several pairs of pajamas (I have dozens and dozens and always love to get more), a cell phone, clothes that I picked out, some that I did not. Lots of undies from Victoria’s Secret, they are so pretty it’s a shame more people cannot see them. Adam gave me Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I have yet to watch. Adam was thrilled with his new Game Cube. My parents bought every game they could find for it, but I have only tried a few so far. Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Brothers are my favorites.

We spent most of Christmas day watching DVDs. Spaceballs, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Tarzan, Pearl Harbor, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Neverending Story, and several others. I think I was the only one to watch them all. My dog got into the chocolate from our stockings, and ate it all, tinfoil included. He was quite subdued after that, but hasn’t shown any ill effects thus far. He must have eaten close to a pound of chocolate coins. Thankfully he is an extra large dog and quite used to eating things he should not go near. We’re still not sure who let him get away with it, but we’re all happy he’s okay.

I’ve spent my days at work and sleeping, watching more movies and sitting around the house. Most of my friends work during the day, so we go out at night when we can. I’ve seen so many people since getting home, it’s great. Little Mary, sad Ben, the illustrious Schmoo (who is now in Hawaii with his brother), and a million others. My mom and I have spent a lot of time together, shopping mostly. We went to Sam’s Club tonight to buy stuff for my annual New Years party, and to several shoe stores. It was very relaxing.

If I’ve got a problem, my problem’s got a problem til it’s gone.
Good thing I don’t have any problems today.

I’ve been listening to a lot of ODB recently, which is unfortunate for my professional life. Having lyrics such as the ones he performs stuck in my head while working retail is not the most appropriate of situations. On the other hand, my manager’s son is a huge fan, so she is not too shocked to hear what I’m singing when in the back room taking inventory of all the beautiful Pfaltzgraff dishes.

Hey, Dir-tay, baby I got your money. Don’t you worry.