Softly falling flakes of snow, glittering in the sun of a clear sky. Children playing in the ankle deep blanket covering the earth, rosy cheeked and quietly enjoying winter’s beauty.

The hell you talking about?

Not here. The snow billows from the sky in huge, wet chunks, landing in enormous mounds of ice and potentially fatal piles of white slush. The cold chases all but the insane to seek shelter and sit on registers (after kicking the cat off it first). The lucky ones have fire. Even the smokers stay inside today.

We got sent home from school an hour early due to the heavy snowfall. Just what every driver needs – a couple hundred high school students on the road in a blizzard, trying to learn how the brakes work on black ice. The stupid ones do donuts in the intersections, just to see what it feels like. Everyone else just tries to avoid people like them.

I played my first game of review basketball today in Mr. Knoll’s class. I have been absent every Monday since school started, through no fault of my own. We lost.

Napped for a few hours of the afternoon, and then ate some rice for dinner. It matched my lunch rather well (a tiny cup of lettuce). Maybe I should eat less coconut chocolate candies in between classes, huh? I’ll regret the way I eat some day, but I’m gonna enjoy all the extra junk while I’m still stupid enough to get away with it. McDonalds and Taco Bell for lunch every day, candy, pop, and endless batches of pancakes. Not to mention the ever-flowing Dole pineapple orange juice. And some occasional gummi octopi from the local Shell station. Mmmmm. Heart disease potential? Zero.

I’m in denial.

I was in the process of creating a cd for my brother for Christmas. Napster is being a bitch, so I suppose this will have to be delayed yet again. Adam just got a new car for his sixteenth birthday and plans on filling the trunk with sub woofers. He put me in charge of creating a worthy bass compilation cd to test his new system. An honor, I must say.

When it stopped snowing for a few minutes, I threw the frisbee around with Gus. He loves the snow. It accents his dirty white coloring, making the snow look impossibly clean. I soon tired and became quite frozen, so we retreated back to the safety of a heating pad and a fake fire.

I apologize for the randomness of this write up. I blame the Wu-Tang Clan distractions floating around in the background of my consciousness.