There is a speck of cadmium blue acrylic paint on my jeans. I wasn’t painting today. These pants came straight from the laundry. Sabotage? I think so! But it came off with only a little begging, so I have won for the time being. So many enemies.

Another day in the life of kaytay. I like being me. This is perhaps the first time I’ve voiced this thought out loud. In fact, this is possibly the first time I’ve had that thought, period. What made today so great, you ask? Nothing in particular. Here’s how it went:

Anatomy class this morning was rather interesting for being entirely composed of fragmented and often senseless tangents. Mr. Myers loves the circulatory system, and knows more about it than any three doctors stuffed together in one pair of pants. His son was born with four heart defects, and had to have surgery when he was only ten weeks old. His son, Jesse, is five years old now, and in excellent condition. He always relates the content of our lesson to personal experience, which makes it a lot easier for us students to understand him. He’s a nice guy, even if he does mark me tardy every other day.

Seminar was seminar, nothing special and nothing not special. We filled out the court nomination slips for the Snowball dance coming up on the 16th. I wrote the names of people I didn’t want to win in the provided space -- example:

  1. Please do not elect SO AND SO
  2. SO AND SO eats children
  3. SO AND SO’s mom made me write his name here

Oh so mature, wouldn’t you agree? The same people win every time for every dance every year.

Sixth hour was uneventful. Mr. Christopher made the entire symphony band trombone section stand up, just to show how much taller they were than him. The tallest of the group, a certain Mr. Nieuwkoop, is well over 6’6”. Being tall is the shit, even if people like Andy make me feel pathetically short.

I drove Meagan and myself to lunch today. I made every single green light between Riley and Butternut all the way past James and Lakewood and through to Taco Bell on River. Then I realized I had been going a little too fast. But I got there safely – that’s the important thing. I promise to be more careful in the future. Really. I’m getting a radar detector for Christmas.

Had my French test on chapitre dix today. It went fairly well, and I was on my way home before two o’clock. We have finals next week, both the oral and written parts. I’ll just be glad to get them over with.

I’m now on my way back to school to see the student vs. staff basketball game with Bobby. I’m sure it will be exciting, especially since the students lose badly every single year. How encouraging.