I haven't taken my Prozac for at least three days, and I am starting to feel the effects. I feel so flat. I don't know... part of it is most likely thanks to Aaron, who came into Pfaltzgraff today to tell me to come over to his mom's after work. But then he called me a little later to say he would be at Jon's house. I went straight there after work, and found the lot of them, stoned as hell, saying they had smoked five bowls between four people, not to mention the occasional joint passed around. Aaron's eyes had that droopy look, so I knew. Not that I had expected anything different. But I was extremely pissed. They somehow talked me into going to Denny's. Speant the entire time there listening to Jon and Stu talk about what life would be like on Stu's Green Earth, where everything would come in tens; ten pounds of weed, ten books of acid, ten grams of coke, ten lines of K. I don't know why I put up with these people. Maybe I should keep taking my pills.