It is one o'clock in the afternoon, and I just woke up. This is perhaps the latest I've ever slept this entire summer. But I have good reason. Around midnight, my mother got home from West Viginia. I hadn't seen her in about a week, so we sat around and talked a little. My boyfriend had just informed me that he was going to go on a stoney cruise, which he said would be of no interest to me. I couldn't argue with that, even though he had said we'd spend time together today. So I was in a pretty nasty mood. Then my brother gets home from Hamilton, and he and my dad start yelling about some pornography Adam was looking at. He stole my parents' credit card number to do it. My dad ended up leaving around 1:30am, saying he was going to go stay at a hotel. That has never happened before. My mom was upset, I was upset, and Adam was just glad dad was gone. I told him he was selfish, and then I left.

Drove to Aaron's house to see if he was there, which of course he wasn't. I knew the only other place he would be was Jonathan's house. So I decided to make the fifteen minute drive down Lakeshore almost to Grand Haven to talk to him. I got there, parked behind a red BMW in the driveway, and walked in the front door so as not to wake people up my knocking. I was halfway up the stairs when Jon came rushing down them, and then sighing in relief when he saw me instead of the police. He's one paranoid bastard. With good reason, I must admit.

So I found Aaron, and apologized for being rude when he had called. I really was sorry, too, even if he was being just as rude as I had been. All was good, I felt better for talking to him and could almost forget the trouble at home. Jon asked if I wanted to go to Steak 'n Shake with all of them. I offered to drive, since I was the only one not stumbling around on numerous drugs. I ended up driving myself and Aaron - there was no way I'd get into a car with someone tripping on acid behind the wheel.

Steak 'n Shake was surprisingly crowded for three in the morning, mostly with the sort of people I'd care to avoid anyway. I had a glass of water, the guys all ordered food. Except Seth; he just drank the sludge they called coffee there. I stole his mug and used it to warm up. I hate being cold. Jon got into one of his rants about corporate conspiracy, and there was no stopping him. He said the government took pictures of other restaurants fries and put them on the wrong menu. I just tried to ignore him. If not for Aaron, I would have left. If not for being in love with Aaron, I wouldn't have put up with his behavior that night either.

I got home around four or so, and went straight to bed. And now here I am.