Today was pretty good. How many times have I been able to say that? Woke up around 8:30 this morning and got ready for work. Yeah, work. Best way to start the day. Started out by putting 20% off stickers on carafes. As I was placing one of the red squares on a Snow Village display, with only the clicking of my sale gun to keep me company, I heard a high-pitched voice say, "Miss, I would like to buy some dishes." I look up, and there is Jessica! She came to keep me company after working at the GAP. She followed me around the store as I made the price changes, it was nice to have company. But she was tired and needed to get some sleep, so I sent her home. The day wore on, I finished up one roll of sale tape and had to refill the gun (that's always exciting - I never know if it's gonna work). Had a lady come in with an inch-thick pile of coupons. When I told her you could only use one per purchase, she decided to mak a fuss. Sigh. Thankfully I got out of there at 4:30.

Schmoo and I went to Meyer Music to get a liar for his trombone. I had to use my debit card since neither of us had any money. I was half afriad, half wanting to see my ex-boyfriend working there again. I don't know why. My mind plays all sorts of cruel tricks on me.

Band camp wasn't so bad tonight, probably because I wasn't sicking up. There were a million mosquitos, which didn't do much for my mood. After we were dismissed, Schmoo and I drove around the parking lot blasting some Rammstein with all the windows down, headbanging away. Well, I was watching Schmoo do the headbanging, anyway. It's not nearly as impressive since he cut his hair, but he's still the master. Hopefully he scared some people (he seems to enjoy doing that).

Now I am at home, in a house devoid of any food whatsoever since my mom is in West Viginia on business. My dad doesn't know how to go grocery shopping. I don't have time to go. My brother is too busy fucking his girlfriend downstairs to think about getting some dinner. So I guess I'll sit here and be hungry. Goodnight.