I meant to write yesterday, but I fell asleep in the guest room while waiting for my dad to finish playing Diablo 2. The last thing I remember was asking "Dad, you done yet?" and he said "yup, just about." But then, he had been saying that for about an hour. Something about having to finish a level before saving. I don't really know (or care). My mother woke me up around 11:30pm and told me to take my contacts out if I was going to fall asleep already. I mummbled something that made her nod and go away. Woke up this morning at about eight or so, and since this is my first day off in a long time, I decided to go back to sleep and get up at 11 for The Price is Right. But one can only sleep for so long. So here I am.

Yesterday was awful. I woke up after numerous nightmares (see Dream Log: August 22, 2000) and went to work. Had to deal with an enormous number of unhappy customers who all wanted to return "defective" merchandise or complain about not finding corn holders in the Grapevine pattern. We also had five skids waiting to be put out in the back room, all of it being Christmas stuff. But I ended up singing with Lisa while we set up the seasonal display after lunch. I called Meagan from work and asked if I had missed band camp on Monday. Of course I had. I had completely forgotten about it. But I was much happier sleeping at Schmoo's house, so no complaints. We have a three hour marching band practice every day this week, and every week to follow until the football season is done. I hate it already.

Back to this morning. I checked my e-mail for the first time in a couple days and found a message from Darci (see The Twisted Hate Quadrangle for more info on that) saying that she was going to be back at West Ottawa this year. No problem, right? But not only that; she was going to be my locker partner. Nice. Guess I'll be finding somewhere else to keep my books this year.

Overall, a yucky past few days. I'll let ya'll know how the rest of the week goes. Peace.