I had to work today, surprise. But something interesting happened; I have never had a customer who spoke no English be so incredibly hilarious.

These three Dutch men walked into the store (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke), but I had no idea what they were saying. All of them were middle-aged or beyond, and they were loud enough to be heard anywhere, although it really didn’t matter since they were speaking Dutch. Finally the three of them set six wine glasses on the counter in front of me and pointed enthusiastically. I assumed they wanted to buy them. So I rang the glasses up and gave them their total, to which they seemed confused. So I just pointed at the numbers. There was much “Ahh”-ing and nodding of heads. They created a pile of money on the counter, so I sorted through it and took what was needed. When I tried to give the man his change, he shook his head vigorously and put up a hand. My manager would’ve had a fit if I listened to him, so I all but forced the guy to take his fourteen dollars and five cents. When I tried to wrap the glasses in paper so they wouldn’t break, the oldest of the trio insisted on helping. He waited for me to get one glass rolled about halfway into the paper, and then he would force another one in next to it, wait a second, and then put in a third. I had no clue what to tell him. So I gave him a weird look, which set everyone to laughing and saying more lines of gibberish. Next they pointed to a box and raised their eyebrows. So I went and rescued a box from the compactor and taped it up for them. The overeager guy stepped behind the counter, took the tape from me, and did it himself. I just stood there trying not to laugh. The other two laughed hysterically, which didn’t help me. When all was said and done, they walked out and waved, talking again as loudly as before. I locked the doors behind them.