Woke up at seven this morning, took a shower and had some string cheese for breakfast. Drove to school only half awake. I ran into Stacy and Erin, two of my best friends, when I got there. They had to rearrange classes and whatnot the same as I did. I have been worried to pieces over my schedule for weeks, and I thought to have it all resolved today. But no. I’m just as confused and worried as ever, if not more so due to the fact that this is dragging along. But thankfully I had Erin and Stacy there to keep me company. We talked about what’s been going on over the summer. When Stacy went to Germany, she hooked up with some d00d named Andy who lives there. She said the experience was “fun, exciting, and educational.” Hmmm. No more innocent Stacy. She only knew the guy for a week and a half, but as long as she’s happy I suppose it’s all good. Better than a one night stand, I guess. Maybe.

Went to work at 12:30 this afternoon. There were quite a few interesting characters in the store tonight. One man, with his shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest, numerous gold necklaces, slicked back hair and a painful looking tan, was going on about how he had eaten off paper plates since his divorce. Good to know. Another man was extremely pissed about his ketchup bottle not working properly. He demanded we call customer services for him right that second. He ended up doing all the talking when our words weren’t strong enough to relate his dissatisfaction. All this over a clearanced ketchup bottle that cost five bucks, plus tax. A lady drove all the way from Grand Rapids to demand a refund because she did not get her 10% discount. Her refund was a total of eighty-four cents. Was that worth driving all the way to Holland for? Some people amaze me.