I am so fucking STRESSED. Nothing is ever simple. I have to go have my schedule changed tomorrow so I can fit that French class at Hope College in. Unfortunately, it's only offered at one o'clock in the afternoon, M W F, which falls directly between seventh and eighth hours on Mondays, and takes away my entire eighth hour the rest of the week. So that means no Physics. Not that I'm too heartbroken over not taking it, but I would like to have a fourth science credit on my transcript before heading off to college for good. Will I even get into college? I was quite disappointed with my ACT score from the summer. I know most any college would accept it, yet I know I can do better. But I can retake that any time. Still need to find the time to take the SAT maybe, if needed. Have to apply for a million scholarships. Have to fill out a pile of applications. Essays to write, people to call. My GPA is sinking lower and lower every year. I got my first C last year in FST (functions, statistics and trig). I'm down to a 3.85! I remember when I got straight A's without question, Little Miss Perfect 4.0. I guess those days are over with. Sometimes I just want to scream until my hair falls out with the frustration of everything being so hard. Why can't I just calm down?