Today was spent in a mostly foggy haze of nap after nap after nap. Kaytay’s definition of a nap tends to differ form the norm, but it is much more accurate when used to describe her favorite pastime :
nap : noun. To fall asleep in strange places and/or positions and remain completely dead to the world for at least three hours, resisting all external stimuli to be roused no matter how violent it may escalate to be after many failed attempts.
I tend to take at least one nap a day, usually after school and before work, or after work and before bedtime. This is a far cry from the insomniac life I tend to lead during the winter. Now that the weather is warming up (warming up for Michigan, at least), I am making up for sleep lost during the colder months of dreary blizzards and cloudy afternoons full of ice.

I woke up around 9:30 and had exactly three pancakes with minimal amounts of syrup. I must cut all the pancakes at once, not as I eat them, and apply the syrup to each individual little square bite. Each pancake makes approximately sixteen bites, four by four, varying in size depending on its location to the outer edge. I have gotten eating pancakes down to a precise science after many years of practice.

Took a nap after breakfast, and then watched some Lifetime movie depicting the sad and short life of a teenage prostitute coerced into the profession by a damn handsome 23 year old. I spent the time addressing envelopes for my graduation announcements and open house invitations. This gets decidedly dull after about number fifty seven.

Took another nap, woke up to find dinner was over and done with. My mother had been unable to wake me up, not that she really tries that hard anymore. It’s futile. I was not disappointed that I missed dinner, seeing as how it consisted of my dad’s favorite : nearly raw steak and loads of asparagus covered in lemon juice. I nearly gagged after walking into the kitchen and smelling the faint traces of such garbage. Mom cooked me some corn on the cob, my favorite food next to lima beans. My family is big on veggies.

And now it is late, I am wide awake, and my room is calling to be cleaned.