I have found myself becoming more and more the center of attention, and I don’t think I like it. It appears as if I have become the hub of my clique, the leader of the group. All eyes turn to me when a decision is to be made, confident in my abilities to choose what will make everyone sublimely happy. Perhaps it is my complete lack of dependency that leads to others being dependent on me. It all balances out in the end somehow. Right?

Easter was a rather eventless day, despite the injury bestowed upon me by a very vicious feline. I have a gash across my palm that would do any razor justice, and yet it is from a single tooth of my grandma’s cat. I smacked the damn thing as soon as she bit be, and called her a nasty bitch-cat right in front of my elderly (and thankfully mostly deaf) grandmother. I don’t think nana heard me, although she did smile vaguely and continue walking towards the kitchen after pausing briefly during the ordeal.

My brother and I had the traditional family egg hunt, which consisted of the two of us searching desperately for the hundreds (literally) of plastic eggs full of candy and loose change my parents hid throughout the house. I found a total of sixty seven dollars to the penny in my egg collection, as well as sixty thousand calories worth of candy. These should both last me about four days, I’m guessing.

I had some friends over yesterday to work on a project for humanities class. We were told to appeal to the stoic view of happiness through a visual representation of a vacation package, make several thirty second commercials to show on various channels, and, for good measure, a few ads to put in the appropriate magazines of our choosing. We spent hours looking through National Geographic issues from 1990 I had found buried in the basement, trying to find inspiration, but failed miserably. We did make a lovely poster though; a collage of destitution to appeal to the "misery loves company" idea. I’m not sure how it represents a vacation, but I’m sure we can BS something on the spot. I am an expert in that field.

I also had Taco Bell for the first time in several weeks. I woke up at about 3:30 this morning and was violently ill, but still managed to make it to school. Wouldn’t want to miss my remedial English class I accidentally signed up for this semester and haven’t bothered to drop yet. We are read to every day by the teacher, usually from books most would consider to be at an eighth grade level. Sadly enough, I enjoy this class thoroughly on occasion. The other kids are so much fun. No one there possesses any sort of academic motivation, and we usually end up spending most class periods discussing the proper etiquette involved while smoking a bowl, or other similar topics.

This is an extremely random collection of thoughts and events, but as long as you’re free, nothing really matters.