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The Persuit of Hedonism
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you can learn alot from your ancestors- especially when they were pirates...
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An Oregon-born, San Diego/Baja California raised "boat brat"....refering to sail boats, that is. i enjoy good books, better music, and fabulous "deep, dirty, little secret" is that i'm quite taken with the "Goth scene"and i've got a serious thing for the dark smoky clubs with lots of loud pulsating music.....or couldn't you tell??? i'm more than just a bit cynical and sarcastic, and tend to view the world through purple tinted lenses...or red, depending on my mood. i curse like a sailor { imagine that!} and wont put up with idocy....i tend to think that stupidity should be subject to something " very,very nasty and painfull" The Bog of Eternal Stench, for example....other than that i'm pretty really....i cant type worth a crap- which is funny considering how much i'm on the computer-, and i have a pretty boring, run of the mill, learn it over nite and it never changes, office job. i'm not complaining though, the hours are good and it mostly pays the bills..... so i guess i'm pretty content.