It begins with a glance, from across the room, like the first caress of a lover after a long absence.

Your smile, as warm as any embrace, wraps me up and captures me, immobilizes me.

Our eyes meet, like lips in a kiss, involved with and entranced by one another.

We move closer, speaking sweet words. Some are substantial: a passionate expression of "amore eternal." Others are light like fingernails across bare skin, teasing, tantalizing, and destabilizing, until you fall to a place beyond words...

A final glance, until even that is too much--the exchange of thoughts and emotions across the space between is too strong to ignore, the empathy almost painfully pleasureable.

And then, as quickly as it began, we are parted, and it is ended. Longing for one another but kept apart by the limitations of space and time, our minds drift slowly back to the ruts of convention and the well traversed paths of rationality, away from the unexplored expanses of the primal mind.