A Boston legend, this shop sells the best cookies and other Italian pastries in the city. Due to The Big Dig, and Boston's natural Reality Distortion Field, it's nearly impossible to drive into The North End, but the T commute is worth it.

My personal favorites are the cannoli, which are alone well worth the trip, but they have more than 50 kinds of cookies, gelati, cream puffs, tiramisu, pie, brownies, cupcakes, apple turnovers, whoopie pie, marzipan, and more. The string-wrapped white box with blue lettering is a sure indication that whatever is inside is going to be good.

How to Get There

300 Hanover St, Boston 02113
(617) 742-3050

The nearest T-stop is Haymarket, though you can also easily walk there from Government Center (walk down the steps, through Faniel Hall, and into the North End)