"Come on over everybody... Karma Debt is having a Pity Party and you're ALL invited!"

I still can't get through a single day without crying.

Driving in to work this morning I was listening to NPR.  I heard the reports of the newest security threats.  Now, it could just be PMS or it could be that I'm still very emotionally wrought, but hearing that just made me cry.   It made me cry to know that someone in the world wants the rest of the world to be scared. 

I got in to work and finally responded to family e-mails.  I keep putting it off.   They want things, specifically his things and I'm not ready to let go of anything yet.  Then again, I'm not ready to sort through it either.   They want to know how I'm doing.  They want to know how the kids are doing. They want, and want and want.  So, I give them the fairy tale version of my days and nights. Took the kids to the pumpkin patch, raked leaves, and we made a scarecrow. Its all true, its just not really how we're doing, just what we're doing.   Don't get me wrong.  I really do appreciate their concern.  I love them all, his mother, father, stepmom, brother, etc.  I'm just not at the point where I'm ready to regularly deal with pleasantries.

Today, I'm feeling pathetic

One highlight of the evening will be carving the pumpkins with the kiddies.  And, looking forward to fun with them tomorrow.