So yeah, recently, I've been having some trouble with the grayness of Ohio. And yes, for too long, it seemed that all I did was cry at everything. It got to the point where I had to be literally dragged out of bed in the morning because I didn't see the point of doing anything. I've never lived anywhere with so much grayness.

I was a child of the sun.

I don't mind the cold in Central Ohio, just the thick coating of clouds. If you have listened to me complain about this lately, thank you for listening. I needed it.

Chad hooked me up with some good herbal remedies and the outlook is much sunnier now. I'm not so weepy, and I'm able to realize that Spring is right around the corner. I would've argued that point viciously just a few weeks ago.

My kitchen table is currently populated with seed trays, full of little sprouting seedlings of broccoli, mesclun greens, basil, oregano, lavendar and rosemary.

Life is returning slowly.