My major road trip has come to an end. Although there will be several smaller trips coming up, I have none planned that will take me more than a day to drive.

My visits with Hermetic's family were good. I arrived in Austin on Saturday night, and stayed there until Tuesday morning. When I spend time with his Dad or brother, I always feel better and worse. He was so much like his father, in his build, mannerisms and pattern of speech, that it is comforting to be with them, but at the same time very saddening. I drank too much with his dad, then we cried together about how much we missed him. Stepmom joined us in the conversation and comforted me. I drank a bit more wine, then we ate dinner and afterwards, all went to sleep.

I arrived in Baytown and spent most of my time with his mother and grandparents, which was difficult for me. I was there from Tuesday through Friday. I constantly feel like I should apologize to them. As if it was all my fault. I just can not help but feel like I did not do enough. I can not help but feel like I failed him. I keep hoping that as time goes by, that feeling will fade a little, because it is hard to handle. I got to spend time with Adam's first son, Timothy. He is a beautiful boy. I wish we lived closer to him so that my kids and Timothy could be closer. I want his family to know our kids and vice versa.

A friend of mine drove down from Lubbock to spend time with me in Houston. I deeply enjoyed his company as it is always good to spend time with long distance friends. We stayed up late talking about our past, our present and our futures. I miss him now and will have to console myself with e-mail again.

On Friday, I left Baytown and stopped overnight in New Orleans. Templeton was a very gracious host. And, regardless of what she says, her 'hood is a nice 'hood. It was good to stop and talk, to sort of clear out my mind before I spent the next day stuck behind the wheel of my car.

We arrived home tonight, safely and amazingly without any speeding tickets. I came home to find that I had two packages from noders. One CD(plus a credit card offer) and one book (plus a cow drawing). The longer I'm here, the more grateful I become for everyone who has touched my life. Some words summarize my feelings on it.