The last year has been very difficult for me. First, the slow decay of my marriage to Adam. Then, after discussions of resolution between us, his death. Shortly after, I got into a relationship that I should not have entered. All of these things culminated in me leaving the Washington, D.C. area and basically running away to Florida. I have endured a lot of sadness, loss and feelings of failure.

I wanted to attend because of a personal need for closure. I needed to talk face-to-face and hug those people that have helped me through the last few months, like no one else could have. I had spent the last several months depending on you all when I had no one else to depend on to listen to my grief.

I met some really incredible people. There were a several of you that I barely met and I hope that there will be future opportunities to get to know you. I have some rather vivid memories of the weekend. They include smiles, hugs, tears, snuggling, reassurance, searching and freedom.

I'm grateful that out of something so horrible something so wonderful has happened. I left Boston realizing that I could feel again, I was no longer numb from the inside out. It is like something broke inside me when I arrived there, and that the band that was holding me tightly in its grasp has loosened.

All I can say is thank you.