This morning at 7:00 a.m., while I was dropping off my son at daycare, the Repo people finally called.  They wanted to pick up his car this morning. This is something that I have been trying to take care of for nearly five months and I am glad they are calling because it is one more thing that is finished.  Still, it's sad that it had to happen at all.  It's another reminder of events.

I quickly made a few phone calls and arranged for someone to move the car out of my garage and hand over the keys.  It is gone now.  The car he loved, the car he drove to this gathering, this gathering, and lastly this gathering One more thing gone

My Memories of a Repo'd Car
The day after he got his car, he drove it to my office on his way to work, because he wanted to show me how pretty it was, and let me drive it.  We saw each other nearly weekly, for the kids, and other things.  About a month later, he had some problems with the temporary tags and a Montgomery County Police Officer, so I gave him my car to drive around to the dealership and the Maryland Vehicles Administration.  After he was done, we went to lunch.  I didn't know that would be the last time I saw him.   He spent the whole time telling me about the first two gatherings he went to, and how cool everyone was.  I was happy that he had friends.  I was happy and sad.   I missed him.  We talked about moving back in together, and whether that would be a good idea.  We loved each other.  I had really enjoyed being with him that day.  I hugged him when I went back to work and he drove off in the car.

On September 10, after all was said and done with the police, I went to his car, hoping to find anything that would give me an indication of his reasons.  I found a New York City magnet, his shoes, his CDs and directions to an address in New York City.  In the mail in the house that day, there were two speeding tickets. Both of them were from driving the car he loved the way he loved to drive.  I drove his car away to Virginia on September 15th, and it's been in my possession ever since.

The bank usually gives an automatic $10,000 loan guarantee on all auto loans.  I gave the bank the death certificate, and was told, "I'm sorry ma'am, but under the circumstance the loan guarantee is null and void, so will you be paying for the car? Or shall we have someone come get it?" 

Now, it's gone.